Celebrating Another Amazing Pride Month

Celebrating Another Amazing Pride Month

It’s June once again. That means it’s Pride time! PAG has decided to celebrate this year by releasing a new lineup of cards and stickers that emphasize what we all believe: love is love!

We’re also donating one dollar from every love card purchase to The Trevor Project! The Trevor Project does amazing work to support LGBTQIA+ youth with counseling and suicide prevention services 24/7.

Need a little help deciding which love card to buy? We’ve curated some of our favorite love cards and matched them with some of our favorite queer stories to revisit this month:


Spoiler Alert Card


Angel & Lil Papi (POSE) - Spoiler Alert Love Story Card

This couple served as a bit of a surprise when they started out in season two. But their housemates to lovers storyline is one of the highlights of Pose’s story. Everyone deserves a love interest as patient and selfless as Lil Papi is. Treat your love interest with this card!


Rom Card Card


Peter & Nick (Single All The Way) - We are my Favorite Rom-Com Card

Christmas in June, anyone? Even if it isn’t the holiday season just yet, Single All The Way is a feel good romcom to be enjoyed year round. It checks all the typical holiday romcom boxes with the added bonus of a friends to lovers storyline about two gay men! Comfort movie bag secured! 


Best Day Ever


Santana & Brittany (Glee) - Remember that Day we got Married Card

There have been a plethora of gay marriages on screen over the years. This wedding stands out as a really special one! Live music? Star-studded guest list? A spicy wedding surprise that DOESN’T involve a character dying before their happy ending? Sign us up! Reminisce on your special day with this card (we’re sure yours was just as eventful).  


Chosen Family Card


The Cast of Fire Island - If We Get To Choose Our Family, I Choose You Card 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Hulu’s new Pride and Prejudice inspired romcom Fire Island. We think you might be missing out! Chosen family is a huge message in the film and the cast pulls you right into all of the fun and mess that comes with it. I can totally imagine Noah (played by Joel Kim Booster) begrudgingly gifting his crew this sweet greeting card. 

Many of these characters and stories will give hope to young queer people for years to come. Consider helping the Trevor Project do support that same cause by donating to them directly or buying some love cards from us this month! Who are some of your favorite examples of queer representation in media? 

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How To Plan The PERFECT Summer Party

How To Plan The PERFECT Summer Party

Cat Girl Summer Sticker

Temperatures are blazing! Bottles are poppin’! And you’ve been picked as the host! You’re probably a little bit hesitant. Party hosting can be a nightmare!

With our help, however, you’ll flip that “Oh, no!” into an “Oh, yes!” in no time. All you’ll need is these hot tips and a can-do attitude. Actually, the can-do attitude is optional. That’s what drinks are for.

Which brings me to my first point…


If you thought you could plan a party without thinking about liquid refreshment, you’re absolutely wrong! If you really want to make your party one that your guests will remember for years to come…you better mix your own specialty house punch!

There’s hundreds of punch recipes online, both alcoholic and virgin! Mix and match your favorite fruits, spirits, and flavorings to make a punch that’s undeniably you! 

And don’t worry about those pesky water rings, PAG has got you covered with some perfect party coasters!

Clever cocktail napkins


Where there’s drinks, food is sure to follow. You don’t have to be a masterclass chef to host a party, but you certainly have to utilize some finesse when meal planning. Normalize asking your guests about dietary restrictions before the party! 

 Regardless of what your main course is, snacks and hors d'oeuvres are where it’s at! Charcuterie boards! Fruit baskets! Those party packs of variety chips! All solid options. You could even prepare that fancy baking recipe you saved in your bookmarks but never dared try. No matter what you decide, you're going to need cocktail napkins to make your guests feel fancy while dabbing buffalo sauce off of their faces.



The final puzzle piece of a perfect summer party is the tunes. Take your guests on a summery journey of epic proportions. Making your own playlist is the best way to accomplish this! Add songs that you love! Add songs you know your guests love! Sprinkle in a couple of new/niche songs too! 

Pro-tip: make your music set up accessible enough that your guests can add songs to the queue throughout the night. (Spotify has some pretty cool features for this!)

Some of the Pretty Alright Goods staff has taken it upon themselves to serve you some BANGERS to get your playlist started:

Chris: The Stoop - Little Jackie
Jeff: Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters
Herman: So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings - Caroline Polachek
Emily: Across The Room - Young Heat Edition - ODESZA
Matt: All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
Brennon: Go Away - Strawberry Switchblade Song -

Give our playlist a listen

Good luck with your party! And always remember, things will never go exactly the way you planned them. 

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Is it the summer of love? Every summer guarantees the classics: pool parties, barbeques, above-the-knee shorts, etc. But is there room for us hopeless romantics? When all of the mindless fun in the sun ends…is there room for a meetcute or two? Here at PAG, we say HELL YEAH THERE IS! Here’s a few of the best cards to treat the person who’s making your tummy flutter all summer long.

Six love greeting cards

1. I’d give you the last fry love greeting card

Scared of coming on too strong? This card gives the perfect balance of tact and meaningfulness. Your crush is gonna be like “Wait this is so thoughtful and cute” instead of “Woah this person’s a stage 5 clinger”. That’s exactly what we want!

2. Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM greeting card

I think we all have a soft spot for those clandestine meetings under moonlight. There’s just something romantic about prolonged eye contact at a house party neither of you want to be at. Am I projecting? Maybe the two of you met somewhere classier than that! Either way, this card is the perfect way to cement your unique bond!

3. Truly Love Your Dog greeting card

We love a classic fakeout, and so will your crush! This card is bound to make them giggle a bit. Everyone knows there is a direct pipeline from giggling to making out on the beach. So what if you have to hide your feelings behind your crush’s cute canine to get there? Feels like a worthy tradeoff to me.

4. The Best Thing I Found on the Internet greeting card

Is your summer crush of the digital variety? Somehow you ended up mutuals on TikTok or some other social media site and next thing you know you’re head over heels? Or maybe you just met on a dating app! You could flirt with them through DM, but that’s pretty basic. Make a real emotional impact, and send them this card instead!

5. Gay Agenda Love greeting card

This summer of love is a super inclusive one. No matter how you or your crush identify, your feelings are super valid. So act on them, baby! Gift that hottie a card that lays all of your cards out on the table. Because if someone is checking off your gay agenda task list…they should probably know about it.

6. Let’s Skip To The Good Part greeting card

No more lollygagging! It’s time to seal the deal on these summer crush shenanigans. It’s the final act of your favorite romcom and there’s no more time for games! It’s time to chase them down in a busy airport! It’s time to hold that boombox outside their window! Or…you could just give them this card. Yeah, that’d probably be a little lower stakes. 

So there you have it. six impeccable options to fan the flames of your summer love story.

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