Let's Celebrate!

Cheeky napkins, snarky greeting cards, and outrageous gift bags to add some fun to any occasion

Goods + Gifts for the Above Average

Helping folks connect through witty greeting cards, clever cocktail napkins, fancy gift bags, and bottomless humor.

The Pretty Good Goods

Stamp (And Salty Banter) Included

Every greeting card ships with a postage stamp, which makes it easier to look way more organized than you actually are.

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Pairs Well With Parties

Clever gift bags to make you look fancy and impress you friends. Better gifts deserve better gift bags!

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Here to Help

We have one mission: to help you say what you want to say, better. 

We are a small team creating cards and gifty things that will surprise and delight your friends, family, lovers, and work besties. 

What Folks Are Saying

Fun products - fantastic quality!


Keeping things simple and fun! I love the simplicity/design of these cards...not to mention the laughs they provide.


Hilarious These cards crack me up every time I read them! Great quality and fast shipping!


Love the dry sense of humor paired with a lot of heart