Feeling Gifty?

Alongside our classically clever cards, napkins, and bags: we’ve got brand new mugs and journals that are just as fun and just as snarky.

Goods + Gifts for the Above Average

Helping folks connect through witty greeting cards, clever cocktail napkins, fancy gift bags, and bottomless humor.

The Pretty Good Goods

Same Humor, Now With a Pop of Color!

A new collection of colorful greeting cards takes our signature snark and adds dynamic shapes and colors! Sure to catch their eye and their funny bone!

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Jot That $#&* Down!

Notepads and journals to make those big ideas a little bit more manageable - Think of them as less expensive therapists!

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Here to Help

We have one mission: to help you say what you want to say, better. 

We are a small team creating cards and gifty things that will surprise and delight your friends, family, lovers, and work besties. 

What Folks Are Saying

Fun products - fantastic quality!


Keeping things simple and fun! I love the simplicity/design of these cards...not to mention the laughs they provide.


Hilarious These cards crack me up every time I read them! Great quality and fast shipping!


Love the dry sense of humor paired with a lot of heart