The PAG Team

What is Pretty Alright Goods?

It’s a bunch of greetings cards and other goods that are kinda punchy and a little bit genuine and hopefully bring a smile to your face. It’s also a small team of people that work really hard to create those goods. Saying a lot with a little is what we’re all about and it’s where we devote a lot of our energy. We want to help you share those real-deal, super-serious feelings but just coming out and saying “Hey, I really love you” is kinda hard sometimes, so we add in some humor to break the tension. We also make some silly stuff that’s just meant to make you laugh. Either way, we hope it means a lot to you and your loved ones.                                                            

Matt, Founder

Pretty Alright Goods began about 11 years ago when I was a teacher looking for a hobby. A printmaking class led to selling linocuts at craft fairs and stamping custom TOMS shoes. Eventually I made some greeting cards and I haven't looked back since. What started as me working out of a spare bedroom morphed into a small team, a growing line of goods, and a new name (The Matt Butler just wasn’t doing it anymore). The business and I moved across the country a couple times but we’re excited to be settled back in Raleigh, NC where it all began. Outside of Pretty Alright Goods you can find me riding bikes, talking about (and drinking) natty wine, and hanging out with my dog, Huckleberry.