Founded in 2010, Pretty Alright Goods helps people say what they want to say through greeting cards and gifty goods that have a little bite and a lot of heart. 

We feel quite lucky to get to do what we do every day and we have you to thank for that.

What We Do

Greeting cards, cocktail napkins, and other gift items to help you put words to those most important life moments - birthdays, anniversaries, losses, graduations, weddings, and cute dog sightings.  

You can find Pretty Alright Goods in over 1500 independent gift stores and specialty retailers across the country.

Why We Do It

Staying connected is HARD. Texts aren’t very personal and who has time for a phone call? Enter witty, relatable greeting cards! Nothing says “hey friend, I’m thinking about you,” like a handwritten note on a beautiful, hand-printed piece of paper. 

We continue to be humbled and grateful that our customers find us pretty alright. 

Who We Are

Folks who love making other people chuckle. You’ll find us in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina where we spend our days writing and hand-printing cards.

All of our greeting cards are written, designed, and printed on vintage letterpress machines; cut and folded by hand; and shipped out from our office.

Helping people connect through greeting cards and clever goods.

How the Goods are Made

Every single Pretty Alright Goods card is hand printed on thick cotton paper using a Heidelberg Platen Letterpress. Each card is cut, folded, and packaged by hand with care in our office in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Our Founder

In 2012, our founder, Matt Butler quit his job. He was a fifth grade teacher in search of a creative hobby; what he found was a new career. 

He learned the art of linocut printmaking and began hand printing wall art. He wrote funny taglines to support his art habit. In 2015, a friend suggested he try his hand at making funny greeting cards. 

It went Pretty Alright.

Meet Huck

Resident emotional support dog, Pretty Alright Goods mascot, office defender, regular Employee of the Month winner, snack enthusiast.