Teacher Appreciation Cards

For better or for worse, it is back to school season. This means thousands of hardworking underpaid teachers are returning to the trenches to fight for our world's most important resource...knowledge! I think those angels deserve an appreciation greeting card or two, don't you? With this list of featured greeting cards, you can brighten up an educator's day! It is literally the least you can do. Plus, all these cards are blank on the inside! More room to write how you truly feel!

New teacher in your life? Celebrate the beginning of a long and fulfilling career in education. This card also works pretty well for teachers recently transitioning to teaching at a new school!


2. Not Nothing

Funny greeting cards are great, but so are sincere ones! Remind your teacher that the work they do is infinitely impactful with this sincere message!


3. Mom Told Me
Make your mama proud! Send an appreciation message handed down from the teacher you were born with. 
4. Thanks Teacher Card

Designed by a kindergarten graduate, this greeting card's art really captures the innocent joy a good teacher can create. Made by our friends over at Benched Press Letterpress

5.  World's #1 Best Teacher

We do not give out enough good job ribbons to teachers. They doing the BEST job!  Made by our friends at And Here We Are


Want to go the extra mile? Here is a collection of gifts that would be perfect for the teachers in your life. 

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