A Local Business We're Kinda Obsessed With

As you may know, Pretty Alright Goods is based in the capital city of North Carolina: Raleigh! We thought it was only right to show our local pride by giving shoutouts to some small businesses we adore being neighbors to. Why not start with one of our closest neighbors: Layered Croissanterie! Some days I come into work and I am hankering for some flaky sugary goodness. Layered always supplies! Here’s some of our favorite things about it!

  1. How close it is to us. I wasn’t joking about how close it is. Like if I started singing About Damn Time by Lizzo to motivate my walk from our office to their doors…I wouldn’t even make it to the chorus. 
  2. They change their flavors every month! With spooky season upon us, we’re all waiting with bated breath for what they come up with for October’s menu. Last year they had a couple of treats based on famous Halloween films. The “Carrie” (aka a brioche donut stuffed with raspberry jam!!!???) was my personal fave. 
  3. Most importantly, their interior design is simply *chef’s kiss*. I mean…look at it!

So next time you’re in town and want a flaky funky vibe…check out Layered! You will probably see one of us there. 

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