Only One Card Away

We’ve been at this whole pandemic thing for a few years now. In that time we’ve proven that our relationships are defined by more than just how often we can see each other in person. They’re also defined by how much we can make each other laugh with just ink and paper. Here are some cards to help you get started on making that long distance thing work. 

Get straight to the point. You just elevated your friendship into classy pen pal territory. That’s a big deal and you should definitely brag about it. This card literally speaks for itself. But I mean…you probably should still put a sweet message or letter inside. Give a little life update! Or just continue bragging about how good of a friend you are! The world is your oyster. 

Emotional Support Undies Card

It sucks to be far away from your loved ones when they’re going through a tough time. Sometimes a text or a call can’t illustrate how much you want to be there for them. We got you covered with the power of language arts. Use this card to paint a vivid picture of how much you’re willing to hold your friend down! Or up? I’m losing track of the metaphor, honestly. 

Tea Party

Gossip honestly tastes better when you’re miles and miles away from the source. It’s so much easier to judge people who are completely outside your social circle. Another sneaky benefit of having long distance friends! Commit to catching up by sending this greeting card. 

Saw Your Text 

Okay stick with me here. Aren’t you tired of the same ole’ boring apologetic text. You know, when you forget to reply to your friend’s message and rush to come up with an excuse so you don’t look like a self-absorbed sociopath. What if you use that situation to open a new line of communication! Mail! Ignore their text and respond with some really cute postage featuring this card! 

Are the creative communication juices finally flowing? We thought so! Remember, every card purchased comes with a free stamp! We’re basically setting you up for this whole pen pal thing!

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