TikTok break, anyone?

Let’s face it, Tiktok might just be on death row. You’ve likely heard talks of Tiktok being a national security risk due to the possibility that its Chinese parent company (Bytedance) could be sharing our user data or manipulating the American masses with sneaky propaganda. The app has already been restricted across Government-issued mobile devices.


But for now…the general public still has access to this beloved app which has entertained us through huge things like the global pandemic and small things like tuning out our significant others. 

We might as well share some of the Pretty Alright Goods staff’s FAVORITE vids.

You know…before it’s too late.

One for our fellow HBO super fans:

@taylorgraysen Replying to @ratita1004 A house divided. #succession #successionhbo #hbo #hbomax ♬ original sound - Taylor Owen

What happens AFTER you send a greeting card:


Card keeping

♬ original sound - devon palmer

Adventures of a COVID baby:


Come get yall nephew ! 🙄

♬ original sound - kingkeraun




♬ Jas yeet - JasperTheDoll✅

Surprise, we made this one:

@prettyalrightgoods sending cards, bags, and ✨vibes✨ #grwm #giftideas ♬ Softest Touch - Khalid

If these videos weren’t enough to curb your insatiable appetite for hilarity. You can always take a gander at our tiktok page: @prettyalrightgoods. Or you could buy some cards…we’re kinda the tiktok of the stationery industry.  

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