Celebrating Another Amazing Pride Month

PAG has decided to celebrate this year by releasing a new lineup of cards and stickers that emphasize what we all believe: love is love!

Need a little help deciding which love card to buy? We’ve curated some of our favorite love cards and matched them with some of our favorite queer stories to revisit this month:



Angel & Lil Papi (POSE) - Spoiler Alert Love Story Card

This couple served as a bit of a surprise when they started out in season two. But their housemates to lovers storyline is one of the highlights of Pose’s story. Everyone deserves a love interest as patient and selfless as Lil Papi is. Treat your love interest with this card!



Peter & Nick (Single All The Way) - We are my Favorite Rom-Com Card

Christmas in June, anyone? Even if it isn’t the holiday season just yet, Single All The Way is a feel good romcom to be enjoyed year round. It checks all the typical holiday romcom boxes with the added bonus of a friends to lovers storyline about two gay men! Comfort movie bag secured! 



Santana & Brittany (Glee) - Remember that Day we got Married Card

There have been a plethora of gay marriages on screen over the years. This wedding stands out as a really special one! Live music? Star-studded guest list? A spicy wedding surprise that DOESN’T involve a character dying before their happy ending? Sign us up! Reminisce on your special day with this card (we’re sure yours was just as eventful).  



The Cast of Fire Island - If We Get To Choose Our Family, I Choose You Card 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Hulu’s new Pride and Prejudice inspired romcom Fire Island. We think you might be missing out! Chosen family is a huge message in the film and the cast pulls you right into all of the fun and mess that comes with it. I can totally imagine Noah (played by Joel Kim Booster) begrudgingly gifting his crew this sweet greeting card. 

Many of these characters and stories will give hope to young queer people for years to come. Consider helping the Trevor Project do support that same cause by donating to them directly or buying some love cards from us this month! Who are some of your favorite examples of queer representation in media? 

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