When Things Are Less Than Pretty Alright...

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has reminded us of two hard truths. Truth #1: The logistics of the British monarchy are both concerning and confusing. And truth #2: loss is an inevitable part of life. Everyone experiences grief. But unlike the royal family, who get to share their grief with the world, many of your loved ones may end up feeling isolated in their pain. Talking about our feelings can already be awkward and difficult. How do you express your love and solidarity without coming across as empty and cliché? We hope these cards might be a start.

Casserole Card
If there’s one thing that genuinely helps when you’re going through a tough time, it’s knowing where your next meal is coming from. Delivering food to grieving loved ones is a practice as old as time, but think of this greeting card as the cherry on top. Or I guess the crispy onions on top? We’re still talking about casserole right?

This Fucking Sucks Card
Who needs flowery language? Losing a loved one fucking sucks! We’re sure your recipient will agree.

Okay Card
It’s important to recognize that people can have incredibly varied reactions to loss. Some days you might feel grounded enough to actually work from home. Other days you’re swaddled in a blanket, surrounded by empty bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Both of those phases are valid, and you want to show that you’ll support your recipient through it all.

Words Fail Card
Well…it’s true. If none of the previous cards are speaking to you, this one just might. Because at the end of the day…your grieving loved one doesn’t need an elegant soliloquy. They just want to know someone cares.

Though these cards may not be suitable for sending condolences to the royal family, they may just be the perfect conversation starters for the grieving people in your personal life. Give them a try.

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