Did somebody say stickers?

Looking to add a little pizazz to some of the bland everyday items in your life? Look no further, Pretty Alright Goods has a whole lineup of brand spanking new stickers for your decorative pleasure. If you’re running out of sticker space, fear not! We’re also here to bring you some fresh ideas of WHERE to put all of those stickers! 

Cooler - Cat Girl Summer Sticker 

Nothing represents a cool drink on a hot day better than a well decorated cooler. Now is your chance to have one of your own. Imagine the excitement you’ll incite when you roll up to your next pool party with a stickered up cooler filled to the brim with refreshing goodies. Bonus points if your stickers make a statement. Cat Girl Summer awareness baby. Let’s make it a thing. 

Luggage - TikTok Is My Life Coach Sticker

Don’t you hate accidentally grabbing the wrong suitcase at baggage claim? Make your luggage stand out by strategically applying some eye-catching stickers. You’ll find your bags easier AND you’ll give some baggage claim bystanders something to “ooo” and “aaa” at. Some might even say “Wow Tiktok is MY Life Coach too”. Sounds like a win-win to me. 

Letters - Wordplay Is My Foreplay Sticker

Some of us have friends or lovers who live in faraway places. Some of us are just hyperliterate assholes who enjoy excuses to write. No matter which guilty party you fall in, there’s definitely room for you to write some thoughtful letters and send them to your favorite people. Stickers can be used to seal an envelope OR as a decorative signature to your message. It might sound extra…but you were about to write a letter in a year where video call exists. We’re way past extra. 

Notebook/Planner - Ban Small Talk / Not Books Sticker

Remember back in school when all of the hip kids had super cute journals decorated with the most aesthetically pleasing stickers you ever did see? Now that you’re an adult there’s no need to be jealous, now YOU can be the hip kid with the super cute journal. Stickers really help transform a notebook or planner into a keepsake. Don’t you want your great grandkids to be wowed when you pull out your trendy relic of the past? 

Car - Gay > Okay Sticker

Stickers look great on a rear windshield. You’re used to seeing a lot of stickers on the road, surely. There’s the nerdy ones. There’s those cute ones that represent the family (and dogs sometimes) as stick figures. And then there’s the stickers with something to say. More often than not…those stickers are saying some unsavory things. Let’s bring some balance to the messages of the road with a sticker that reminds everyone that Gay is MORE than okay. 

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