Behind The Scenes (Printer Edition)

Have you ever laid awake at night and stumbled on the thought..."How does PAG make their greeting cards"? Well ponder no longer, we're here to take you behind the scenes on the magic that is: our Heidelberg Platen Letterpress. That's right baby...we use a printer from a whole 'nother century!

On top of this press feeling historic and awesome, watching it at work is kind of mesmerizing. The Heidelberg grabs blank pieces of thick cotton paper and then forms an impression on the paper with an inked plate, one at a time. Fun fact: we have a unique plate for every single one of our cards.

It's not a perfect system so someone has to be monitoring the press as it works to make sure as many cards print in alignment as possible, adjusting when necessary. From there we cut our cards with our cutting machine and proceed to fold them and pack them for all your orders!
There are loads of different ways to print greeting cards but our printing press gives the PAG cards their signature spice. If you look closely at our cards you can see a slight indent where the text is. It's what makes our cards stand out (ya much as a black and white greeting card can). If you ever stumble upon more questions about how we operate, feel free to send us a message! We'd love to chat about all the magical behind the scenes work that goes into getting you pretty alright products. 

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