Summer of Napkins

For a long time, Pretty Alright Goods has been known for products that leaned on life’s most classic colors: Black & White. In a summer that has been anything but predictable, we decided to ride with the chaos. We dropped a couple of new napkins that are loud, proud and colorful! While we showcase them, we thought it was only right to describe some of the summer scenes they would be perfect for.

Suns Out Buns Out Napkin

I can see it already. A perfect summer day at the pool or at the beach. Wearing just enough clothes to show off your skin while avoiding a public indecency charge. We thought pink would work best for this particular napkin. Buns & suns. Pink & gold. It just makes sense.

Spoiler Alert Napkin

You know those parties that are just set up to be chaotic from the start? I’m talking about high school reunions. I’m talking about drinking games at family functions. I’m talking about dinners where somebody made mac and cheese with ritz cracker crumbs. This is the kind of cocktail napkin you want to see at those events. It affirms what we all know: something Tiktok worthy is coming out of this night. 

Best. Day. Ever. Napkin

Those days you never want to end. Surrounded by all your favorite people. This napkin is serving you up an ice cream social fantasy. It manifests office parties that end with everyone going home early. Somebody brought their kid to a day party and he’s blowing a ridiculous amount of bubbles, but it adds to the ambiance. Yeah, best day ever for sure. 

Toxic Trait Napkin

You know those parties you show up to with the sole intention of stuffing your face? Sometimes you can feel so relaxed at events like these that you simply...slip up and dip up. Happens to the best of us. But maybe next time you should just put the dip you need onto your own plate. Pretty Alright Goods, we share pretty alright solutions to life’s conundrums. 

Let’s Pour One Out For Our Youth Napkin

It’s hour 2 of a party, you’re only one drink deep. You feel like you’re having fun…but you also feel like you could be having way more fun in bed with your favorite Netflix series. That’s when it hits you. Your wild partying years are done. You look around the room. Not a keg stand in sight. There’s nobody calling for another round of shots…just endless rounds of smalltalk. Hopefully this relatable napkin can pull you away from your newfound existential dread. You know...because it’s pink!

That’s all folks! We’ve provided the napkins and the imagery, chasing that perfect summer party is up to you now! Good luck!

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