Party Started Cocktail Napkin

Party Started Cocktail Napkin

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Some of us have bedtimes! And no, falling asleep on a basement couch is no longer an option.

Encourage your guests to get lit, then get out with these premium foil stamped napkins. 3-ply (aka it feels fancy). Made & Printed in the USA. 5" x 5", package of 20.

  • 20 napkins per pack
  • Foil stamped in the USA
  • Cellophane wrapped
  • 5" x 5"
Text: Let's get this party started because I would love to be in bed by 11
    • Ships Within 48 Hours
    I have always been a fan of going to bed early. Why wait until 10 to go out?? Get your fun in early, get some sleep, and enjoy some sunshine the next day!
    Made in
    the USA

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    Brit K.
    Go to!

    great for any party!

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