Grown Ups Cocktail Napkin

Grown Ups Cocktail Napkin

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When did THAT happen?

Trigger some realizations with these premium foil stamped napkins. 3-ply (aka it 

feels fancy). Made & Printed in the USA. 5" x 5", package of 20.

  • 20 napkins per pack
  • Foil stamped in the USA
  • Cellophane wrapped
  • 5" x 5"
Text: Wait, are we the grownups now?
    • Ships Within 48 Hours
    Made in
    the USA

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    Margie Poucher
    Wait, are we the grownups now?

    These napkins could not have been more appropriate for the occasion. My grandson is turning 30 and his 26 & 19 year old brothers are having a birthday party for him at their parents house--and the classic is their parents are traveling for a month and will not be there. They did give it their blessings however!

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