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Best Day Ever Anniversary Card

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I’m like 99.9% sure the history books will agree. 

Celebrate another year of being shacked up with a 4.25" x 5.5" greeting card, paired with a kraft envelope! Letterpress printed in the USA on heavy cotton paper.

  • Stamp included!
  • A2 size (4.25" x 5.5"), blank inside, kraft envelope
  • Letterpress printed in USA on heavy, cotton paper
  • Category: Anniversary Card

Card Text: Remember that day we got married? BEST. DAY. EVER.


  • Ships Within 48 Hours
One sunny summer day in 2016 I was carrying my bike up the stairs to my Oakland apartment and “BEST. DAY. EVER” popped into my head. It had, in fact, been a very good day and with this idea in mind, I realized I needed to work it into a card. Meeting a great friend for the first time seemed like the right occasion to be declared.
Made in
the USA
Ships With a Stamp

Customer Reviews

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Michael Oppedisano
Great purchase!

Shipping was fast, and they included a postage stamp with dinosaurs on it! That's Pretty Alright!

Paul B.

my wife loved this, thank you PAG

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